Sandra Holm Appointed as Måsøval's First Director of Organization

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Sandra Holm Appointed as Måsøval's First Director of OrganizationSandra Holm Appointed as Måsøval's First Director of Organization

Sandra Holm Appointed as Måsøval's First Director of Organization

We are pleased to announce Sandra Holm as our first Director of Organization, in a newly created position that marks a significant step in our continuous growth and aims to strengthen the staff function within the organization. With a strong healthcare background and an impressive education in health management and economics and leadership, Sandra is well-equipped for her new role.

Sandra has a robust academic background and has completed a master's thesis on sustainable aquaculture, with a focus on strategic maturity and strategic decisions. Her in-depth knowledge of sustainable practices gives her a crucial advantage at a time when environmental responsibility is paramount in the seafood industry.

Her previous experience in both the private and public sectors has provided her with a broad perspective and insights that she now brings to Måsøval. This is valuable in developing and implementing strategies that are effective and in line with the company's values and goals.

"I am looking forward to getting to know the people and culture at Måsøval, and to contribute to the development of processes and strategies for operations and further growth within the organization," says Sandra.
Sandra Holm. Photo: Ellen Fossbakk/ScaleAQ
CEO Helge Kvalvik shares his thoughts on the new addition to the leadership team: "It is highly positive to have a woman in such a central role within the management. With her knowledge of the industry and the references we have received, I expect her to quickly adapt to her role and make a positive contribution to shaping the structure."


With her strong foundation in leadership and strategic thinking, Sandra will play a crucial role in strengthening Måsøval's organization and supporting the company's continued growth and success as part of our ongoing restructuring.