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Måsøval fjellLaks nærbilde tekstur

The sea off Frøya has an unusually large tidal range. The salmon swims in a steady stream of fresh, cold water.

The result is healthy salmon, with a dense and fine structure, the right fat content and a wonderful red colour.

Måsøval is the only Norwegian fish farmer that delivers salmon to Balik and other exclusive producers, through Pure Norwegian Seafood. Every single week, we provide healthy and good food to more than two million people all around the world.

The nature outside Frøya makes the very best salmon; we are simply helping it. Ever since the start in 1973, we have worked in harmony with the untamed forces of nature on the Norwegian coast.

Our employees are proud of the product they make. Here you will find their favorite recipes. Bon appétit!

Recipes for Måsøval Salmon