Working in harmony with nature

The ocean is a precious, common resource that we need to manage with great respect. That's why we're actively working to ensure that we have the smallest possible footprint at every stage of production. Måsøval aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the aquaculture industry.

Frøya lies on the coast of Central Norway, where the natural conditions are optimal for producing Atlantic salmon. Here, the salmon greatly benefit from clean, cold and oxygen-rich water from the Gulf Stream and the Norwegian Sea.  

– We're simply borrowing the resources that we're lucky enough to have available here on the coast, and it's our goal to leave behind the smallest possible footprint for those who come after us. At the same time, the world needs more sustainable protein, and salmon is one of the most resource-effective sources we can produce," says Asle Rønning, CEO of Måsøval.

More people, more food 

The Norwegian aquaculture industry envisions a five-fold increase in production in the next 40 years. Måsøval wants to be a sustainable part of this growth.

With a growing population to feed, the ocean – covering 70% of the globe – offers a key opportunity. The UN recognizes the ocean as a driver for global systems that ultimately make the Earth inhabitable for humankind, making careful management of the ocean a key feature of a sustainable future.

Måsøval is well aware of our responsibility as a producer of food from the ocean and how our production touches several of the sustainability goals defined by the UN. Although we have not yet drawn up our own key sustainability goals, we have already implemented numerous measures to increase sustainability in Måsøval and the aquaculture industry. 

sustainability in Måsøval