It all started in1972, when some net pens and a freezer were built.

In the following year,1973, Edvin Måsøval founded Måsøval Fiskeoppdrett AS, together with his sons Bjørn and Karsten.

In, 1977, after four successful years of rainbow trout, the pioneers took the next step on the road to becoming one of the most innovative food producers in the country: The first salmon was released.

The grandfather Edvin Måsøval passes away in1978, and his sons Bjørn and Karsten take over both ownership and operation of the company.

In the 1980s, the pioneer company attempts lobster farming and cod hatching, but these innovations are unfortunately unsuccessful.

In 1982, Måsøval joins Nordskagfisk to coordinate offshore operations and secure access to harvesting facilities. This turns out to be the start of the Salmar fairytale.

In 1992, the Måsøval family takes part in establishing Norway Royal Salmon. The Måsøval pioneers have been involved in building and developing three of the biggest Norwegian aquaculture companies.

Måsøval continues its expansion by buying stakes in Gunnar Espnes Fiskeoppdrett on Frøya, Brattøyfisk on Frei and Vikan Fishfarm on Hitra.

Måsøval wishes to secure access to its own smolt, which has always been a bottleneck. It purchases one smolt facility from Frøya Edelfisk in1998 and another from Marine Harvest in 2004.

In 2009, the company is awarded a new salmon licence. Now, things are really starting to happen.

In 2011, Måsøval purchases the aquaculture company Lernes in Hemne, with as many as four licences.

In 2016, Måsøval enters into a strategic collaboration with Aquagen involving the production of broodstock at two licences.

In 2016, the Måsøval family becomes involved in Laxar Fiskeldi in Iceland. Today, Måsøval Eiendom AS owns a 56% stake in Laxar.

In 2017, Måsøval applies for two development licences for the Aqua Semi project. Two years later, the company is awarded as many as four development licences thanks to this innovative project.

In 2019, the company acquires Åsen Settefisk AS, strengthening its position in smolt production.

In 2020, Måsøval experienced a year filled with significant events. We took a major step forward by acquiring 2.5 new licenses, effectively boosting our production capacity by an impressive 2,000 tonnes. Additionally, we established a fruitful 10-year partnership with Guri Kunna Upper Secondary School, aimed at fostering the development of the future workforce. This collaboration secures our commitment to tomorrow's professionals. Furthermore, through the agreement we successfully obtained an additional production license, further solidifying our position in the market.

2021 proved to be another eventful year for Måsøval. In June, we were listed on Oslo Euronext Growth, marking our transformation into an integrated salmon producer after acquiring 65% of the shares in Pure Norwegian Seafood.

Furthermore, we solidified our position in PO5 by acquiring Vartdal Group's four licenses, two post-smolt facilities, and one harvesting plant.  

Throughout 2022, our primary focus centered around the seamless integration of our new Måsøval team members in Vartdal. As the year came to a close, a strategic co-location agreement was established with Frøya Laks to jointly manage 2 433 tonnes MAB. This collaboration represents a significant milestone in our continued growth and synergistic endeavours.

At the end of 2023, salmon from Måsøval will feed over 2.5 million people worldwide, every single week, year-round.