An electric pioneer offshore

Made by nature

An electric pioneer offshoreAn electric pioneer offshore

An electric pioneer offshore

Måsøval is also a true pioneer when it comes to green energy. We were the first fish farmer in Norway to connect all of our offshore facilities to onshore power. To achieve this, we lay a five-kilometer long power cable, and invested over NOK 10 million in this green project.  

The facilities were previously powered by noisy and polluting diesel generators. Just one generator alone used 70,000 liters of diesel a year. 

Enova provided NOK 5 million in support for the project.The energy savings for society corresponds to the entire electricity consumption of 210 households. 

A better environment, in every way

Investing in onshore power not only provides a smaller climate footprint. It also improves the working environment for everyone who is working near noisy and polluting generators. They can now enjoy both fresh air and the sounds of nature.

Måsøval measures and reports its entire energy consumption, including everything from electrical power and fuel to travel and transport. It's important for us to be as energy-efficient as possible and continually develop in a positive direction.