Asle Rønning resigns as CEO of Måsøval AS

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Asle Rønning resigns as CEO of Måsøval ASAsle Rønning resigns as CEO of Måsøval AS

Asle Rønning resigns as CEO of Måsøval AS

Asle Rønning, CEO of Måsøval AS, has today informed the company's board of directors that he wishes to resign from his position. Rønning has worked in the company in close to 10 years, the last 7 years as CEO. Rønning will be available for the company until a new CEO is appointed and will then start in a new position as general manager of Måsøval's majority shareholder, Måsøval Eiendom AS.

In a statement Rønning says: "It has been a difficult choice to leave a competent team in Måsøval AS with people I am very fond of. I am proud of what the team has achieved during the last years, both operationally and strategically. After more than 25 years with operational responsibility I look forward to focusing more on strategy and development for the group. In my new position I will of course follow the company closely and in that way continue to contribute to the company's further development.
Chair Lars Måsøval in Måsøval AS states: "The company wishes to thank Asle for an excellent effort and strong track record in the company he has led through an exciting and expansive period. I am very satisfied that Asle chooses to continue in the group as general manager of Måsøval Eiendom AS. The company will start the process to recruit a new CEO as soon as practically possible."