Måsøval secures new salmon licences

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Måsøval secures new salmon licences Måsøval secures new salmon licences

Måsøval secures new salmon licences

This is a major step for the company, and will generate demand for approx. 900 000 smolts, among other things. Together with the education licence we were awarded earlier this year, it means we will require approx. 1.2 million more smolts in 2021.

This is the most important opportunity for genuine development for the industry. Måsøval has a strong focus on development and it was therefore natural for us to take part in this auction.

Måsøval wishes to be an active player in the development of the aquaculture industry and to play a part in feeding the world with good salmon that is nutritious and produced in an environmentally friendly way.

This purchase provides major opportunities for us to utilize and develop the existing infrastructure in the organization, which will give us new goals to work towards. We have seen a great deal of enthusiasm about the auction within the organization and a lot of happiness about the result, not least.

The price per ton ended at NOK 242 011. Måsøval spent NOK 485 million in total. Måsøval has had good results in recent years, which is what enables us to take part in bidding rounds at such auctions.