Shall harvest up to 3 500 tonnes per year

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Shall harvest up to 3 500 tonnes per yearShall harvest up to 3 500 tonnes per year

Shall harvest up to 3 500 tonnes per year

Statt Torsk ASA has today entered into a long-term agreement for the harvesting and processing of up to 3,500 tonnes of cod per year, with Western Seaproducts AS, a company owned by Måsøval AS, at the facility located at Vartdal. As of September 2022, we plan to process our entire production up to 31 December 2024 at Western Seaproducts AS.

CEO of Statt Torsk ASA, Gustave Brun-Lie, says: “We are extremely pleased to enter into this agreement. This is a cornerstone in our aim to control all parts of the value chain of our production. The long-term experience for quality harvesting, which exists at the plant and with its owners, enables us to offer the predictability of quality and on-time deliveries required by our customers.”
The Chairman of Western Seaproducts AS, Asle Rønning, adds: "A long-term harvesting and processing agreement with Statt Torsk ASA, as a key customer along with Måsøval AS, will ensure continued activities at our processing facility in Vartdal for the years to come. This is very good news for maintaining and creating long-term job opportunities in Vartdal, as we will now also seek to increase our staff with further employees. All in all this is a great solution for both Western Seaproducts AS, Statt Torsk ASA and Måsøval AS."