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Måsøval fjell

Måsøval has been a proud producer of healthy, sustainable, Norwegian salmon for years. Our production sites are located on the Norwegian coast. Each site has been chosen for its excellent environmental conditions, ensuring that our salmon can thrive with minimal impact on surrounding ecosystems.

The ocean is not ours to own. It’s a precious, common resource that we must manage with great respect. We have an obligation to safeguard the livelihoods of coastal inhabitants and ensure that our presence does not limit opportunities for future generations. That’s why we are working actively to keep our footprint as small as possible, throughout the production chain. At the same time, we are continuously working to ensure that our workers have good working conditions and that our wider community can thrive. Our financial success also has significant ripple effects far beyond our own activities.

It’s well documented that farmed salmon is one of the most effective sources of animal protein with regards to climate footprint, feed conversion rate, edible yield and use of by-products.

Every form of food production has an impact on the surrounding biodiversity and environment. Our responsibility is to reduce the impact to a minimum. Our focus has been on reducing food waste, reducing emissions from our facilities, reducing the impact on wild salmonids through sea lice control and preventing escapes, among many other active measures.

Måsøval has always enjoyed an excellent reputation as a responsible employer and contributor to the local community. HSE is very important to us, both at sea and in the boardroom. This focus can be seen through our low sickness absence rates and a low incidence of serious injuries. People who work at Måsøval tend to stay in their job. We treat our local communities with great respect and contribute every year to local projects and development. Our main focus is on children’s activities, and educational and cultural initiatives. Our corporate taxes and employer contributions also contribute millions of kroners a year to Norwegian society by helping to fund its generous welfare system.

For 48 years, Måsøval has remained a family business with a close relationship between owners and employees. This makes the company able to rapidly adapt to new changes and developments. The Norwegian aquaculture industry is strictly regulated by the authorities. Our ethical guidelines state that we abide by applicable laws and regulations, and we shall always be reliable, responsible, honest and fair. In fact, one of Måsøval’s four core values is “Responsible”. 

Although Norwegian farmed salmon is well- documented as a sustainable food source, we shall continue to improve our ESG initiative efforts. Work will continue in 2022 to adopt a strategy for sustainability based on a materiality assessment and associated data collection. The aim is to publish a complete sustainability report for the year 2022.