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Måsøval fjell

From 2016 to 2022, Måsøval AS (MAS) has created projects that have yielded, and will yield, an average annual growth of 17% in the ten-year period from 2017 to 2027. We have managed to achieve this by increasing our license portfolio by 8 107 tonnes MAB in 2020-22, both through acquisitions and co-location agreements with strategic partners.

In addition to increasing production volume, Aquagen, Pure Norwegian Seafood AS, Guri Kunna upper secondary school and Vard Group AS are all players that add valuable expertise in key areas for Måsøval.

Måsøval’s ability to increase utilisation of every single tonne of the company’s available MAB, through better fish health, lower mortality and increased growth, makes us well-positioned to realise this growth potential in the years ahead.

We are currently halfway into this 10-year period, and the company will continue to maintain a strong focus on seizing and developing any growth opportunities as they arise.

We would be greatly disappointed if we don’t succeed in our goal of creating even more opportunities in the years to come.

Read more about our goals and strategies in the annual report 2022.